Thursday, 19 April 2012

I Love You Quotes

when i first saw yo i was afraid to meet you when i first met you i was afraid to kiss you when i first kissed you i was afraid to love you but now that i love you im afraid to loose you

I love you, not because of what you have but because of what I feels.. I care for you, not because you need care but because I want to.. I'm always here for you, not because i wan't you to be with me but because i want to be with you..

If I had to choose between breathing and loving you I would use my last breath to tell you I love you.

The most important things are the hardest to say, because words diminish them.

A bell is no bell 'til you ring it,
A song is no song 'til you sing it,
And love in your heart
Wasn’t put there to stay -
Love isn’t love
'Til you give it away.

Love is a symbol of eternity.  It wipes out all sense of time, destroying all memory of a beginning and all fear of an end.

When I first met you, I honestly didn't know you were gonna be this important to me.

You're not my life but you're the one I want to spend it with. You're not my world but you're the best thing in it.

I love you more than any word can say, I love you more than every action I take, I'll be right here loving you till the end.

(I LOVE YOU) These three words have my life in them.

You are the sun in my day, the wind in my sky, the waves in my ocean, and the beat in my heart. I Love you So Much.

Somewhere between laughing for no reason, stupid arguments, and making fun of each other, I fell in love with you.

Good Night Status

Good night stars,good night air,good night noises everywhere.

Night iz longer than day for those who dream and day iz longer than night for those who make their dreams come true.

You make my day special now please make my night remember able by coming to my dreams.

As the day turns into night, keep your worries out of sight. Close your eyes and go to sleep, for all the good times are yours to keep.

Dream touches your heart and soul. It is a magic memory that unites fantasy and reality. Hope you’ll have the sweetest dream tonight.good night

I wish Moon always be full & bright and you always be cool & right. Whenever you go to switch off the light, Remember that I m wishing you Good Night...!!!!

Sweet Dreams & Good Night!
Now, birds are silent.
Butterflies are hanging.
Sun is sleeping
Moon is watching u, Sshhhhhhhh.
Its time to Sleep, close your eyes..
Sweet Dreams.
Nidra means to sleep when thoughts go on an eight-hour holiday. Have a nice holiday....GOOD NIGHT

At this moment 3.7 millions are sleeping,
2.3 millions Are falling in love,
4.1 million Are eating
And only one person in the whole world
Is reading my sms Good Night.

If people were meant to pop out of bed, we’d all sleep in toasters.

Throw your dreams into the space like a kite,
And you do not know what it will bring back,
A new Life, A new Friend, A new Love….
Have a sweet dreams….

Fb Status

We are very good lawyers for our mistakes, And very good judges for others’ mistakes!

Sometimes i think relationships are just like yard sales.. everything looks good from a distance but when you get closer you just realize its just a bunch of shit you just don’t need

Nobody said it was going to be easy but they didn’t mention it was going to be this hard.

A goal properly set is halfway reached.

Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off your goal.

Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off your goal.

I'm not addicted to Facebook. I only time I update my status is when I have time: lunch time, break time, off time, this time, that time, any time, all the time.

People make the world go around bt at some point don't you wish it were flat so all the idiots would keep walking and never come back?

Light travels faster than sound. This is why some people appear bright until you hear them speak.

You have 10 fish, 5 drown, 3 come back to life. How many fish do you have? Stop counting smart one. Fish can't drown .

" When I do something great, no one ever seems to remember, but when I do something wrong, no one can ever seem to forget. "

" I must be wishing on someone else's star because it seems someone else is always getting what I wished for. "
facebook status message

Good Facebook Statuses

My parents treated me like I had a brain which caused me to have One.

Wishes are always granted but you just have to wait for the perfect time.

People can be divided into three groups: those who make things happen, those who watch things happen, and those who wonder what happened.

It is better to die on your feet, then to live on your knees.

Dont be afraid to take big steps. You can not cross a chasm in two small jumps.

LIKE If you’ve ever laughed so hard, no noise comes out, so you sit there clapping like a dumbfounded seal.

A friend of mine said onions are the only food that could make you cry. That was before I hit him in the face with a watermelon.

I'm  fairly sure that my cute next door neighbor thinks I'm a stalker. She wrote it on Facebook, Twitter and even in both of her diaries.

Women who complain are like yellow traffic lights. Nobody really pays attention to them.

I was gonna be a history major, but there's really no future in it."

 I used to work at a bakery. It was a crumby job, but I made a lot of dough."

Every fight is a food fight when you're a cannibal"

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Friday, 13 April 2012

Facebook Status

Facebook needs an “i feel ya”, a “for real?” and a “shut up!” button.

I will be back in five minutes. If I am not, read this again.

My heart is in the right place, I know, because I hid it there.

I love finding money in my clothes. It’s like a gift to me from me.

May you live as long as you want and never want as long as you live.

Easter is a celebration of charity, a hymn of love, a triumph of hope.

I finally got my past, present and future correct today. I loved you. I love you. I will love you forever.

The stars must be jealous. You shine way better than them.

You are my love, my passion, my pride. I always want you by my side.

God give us only one heart. We have to find the other one.

Success is like being pregnant. Everybody congratulates you, But nobody knows how many times you were ****** before you got there.